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    Charging issue

    Tim, 1st. off you NEVER remove the battery cable from a car when it has an alternator. It normally kills the diodes immediately. The cable removal is when vehicles were equipped with generators as a test to see IF the generator system was working. EVERYBODY is having problems with the...
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    Need 1966 buick part

    Terry, In that case I really doubt you need a pitman arm. I would agree on lower all joints BUT probably NOT upper ball joints. They don't normally go bad. I can see a center link, strut rod/brake reaction rod bushings & rear panhard rod/track bar bushings & maybe a steering box. IF your...
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    1966 Wildcat 2 door Sport Coupe

    Chuck, Just to let you know I've looked over EVERY post since the beginning.. It's ALWAYS a great feeling when you get sometthing done & accomplished. Better yet when it gets done correctly. Are you having fun yet??? Tom T.
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    1966 Wildcat in 1/25 scale

    Yes, the filter is attached to one of the timing case cover bolts. The fuel hose going to the carb. was routed through the bracket that holds the A/C compressor & the Alternator then up to the carb. was ALL rubber hose from the straight up nipple on the pump. The 3rd. line is 1/4" going back to...
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    Need 1966 buick part

    Terry, Like I stated the one I have has a slight bend in it. From the pic it's from the wrong angle I would need a pic direct from the side, BUT you said it's straight so this one is wrong. I will look to see IF I may have something else. Get back to you in the am. I haven't even...
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    95 9C1 Caprice 12" Rotor Spindles on a 67 Electra?

    Just call Scare Bird & buy their brackets. They will give you a list of what can be used that you can find in a salvage yard or auto parts stores. I know they use the 12" rotors from I believe a '71 Riv & it's ALL bolt on. Or a 4wd Astro Van using you original spindles. Stay away from some...
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    Need 1966 buick part

    Will do Terry
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    Need 1966 buick part

    OK Terry, Did you read my last message??? Does it appear to be EXACTLY like yours especiacly the slight bend??? Tom T.
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    dynaflow cooler is leaking water

    You could ALSO put in a '56,'57, '58 radiator that has a cooler built into the bottom of the radiator. Only other thing is making up the lines from the trans. to the radiator. The original coolers were very in-efficent at cooling the trans. oil that's one of the reasons '53-'55 had the failure...
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    425 NailHead rebuild-Need advice

    AS far as my advice goes there's lots I hadn't covered. We should talk when you get the time.
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    401 nailhead flexplate

    Forgot to add. ANY flex plate from a '64-'66 will work all you would need to do is cut the cernter to match your end flange & of course the shims between the starter & the block. You could even stack up wahers that fit the 7/16ths. bolts between the starter & block with longer bolts of course.
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    Where do i post questions

    NAPA IC12
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    Need 1966 buick part

    Terry, The pitman arm I have has the numbers EXACTLY the same except for the last digit is 256 verses yours of 250. Like I said the one I have is approx. 7 1/8 inches end to end & has a very slight bend in it. It's at the bottom of my reply Terry. Tom Telesco 12 Cook St. Norwalk, Ct...
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    GM master cylinder ID

    A pic of the top side would tell use IF the car was equipped with drum brakes or disc brakes for the '71. Does your car have drum all the way around or disc front/drum rear????
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    Need 1966 buick part

    Terry, The overnight cost to ship is $26.35 + $1.79 for a padded envelope which equals $28.14 + the cost of the part for a total of $78.14 2-3 day piority $7.75 + $1.79 + $50.00 for a total of $59.54 The pitman arm I have meassures approx. 7 1/8th. inches. Tom T.
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    Need 1966 buick part

    Terry, The spline count for the "808" boxes are the same for ALL the full size Buick's including the Riv. Same goes for the center link mounting. Is the number you got from the pitman arm or what you got out of a parts book??? If the ones I have measure the same I will go to the P.O...
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    Need 1966 buick part

    The overall length Terry
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    Need 1966 buick part

    Terry, 1st. I will need a measurement of yours to be absolutely sure I have the correct one. Don't want to take any chances with one being the wrong part. I will need a name ( Terry March???)& shipping address to quote shipping costs. I don't do PayPal or any of the fancy stuff. Just old...
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    Any Tricks to slow Dynaflow leaks

    I've always used a pint of dot 3 brake fluid. Appears to work everytime. Tom T.
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    Need 1966 buick part

    I should have one. Tom T.