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    WANTED 1957 Buick Century

    JimmiV submitted a new listing: WANTED 1957 Buick Century - WANTED 1957 Buick Century View the entire listing here...
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    Looking for mentor around Olympia WA.

    Members, Looking for someone willing to help and give advice with the rebuilding of a 425 nailhead...never done one before and want to make sure I do all the things correctly. Having the block and heads machined ...I want to learn to assemble. I live in Hoodsport Wa. About 45 min. From Olympia...
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    Deepest wheel for stock fender wells

    Members, just wondering what kind of meats people have put under their ride with stock fenderwells and no mods..other than offset? how wide a series of tire were you able to squeeze in and how deep of a dish. I have a 1957 Buick Century. Looking to put the widest tire possible... I know I can...
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    1957 Ball joints

    Members, I have a 1957 Buick Century...just in the process of tearing down..and am at the front suspension. Question....being that this is a 1 year only suspension and is extremely do I do a bench test on my existing ball joint to see if they are usable?...or do I just bite the...
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    C10 trailing arms

    Members, anyone put 61-72 C10 trailing arms on the Buick as a poor mans 4 link? Heard it works fine when used with the stock Panhard bar. Pics would be great, and source for mounting kit. Thanks
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    Seat swap

    Members, what other seats can go/ fit in a 1957 Buick Century? Would love pics if possible. thanks Jimmi V.
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    Modern wheels on a 57’ Buick

    Members, have a 1957 Buick Century and would like to put modern wheels and tires on her...along with disc brakes in the front. Just removed the wheels and found out that they are bolts...not nuts ....would I have to change over to studs to have wheels put on?...I know the front will be changed...
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    Drip rail removal

    Members, trying to remove driprail off a 1957 Buick Century....becfor I can do that...need to remove the top window bracket...they are held on by tiny Phillips screws that are rusted and now in the world am I going to remove them.m the channel is small..not much room for a tool...
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    1957 century Glass

    Members, have not received my chassis and body manuals for my 57 Century yet...was wondering if anyone can tell me how to remove the trim around the rear windows...the front Is from the Inside under headliner and down along dash..yes?
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    1957 Buick Century torque tube elimination

    Members, I have a 1957 Century with no drive train... want to keep the open drive train. Understand the importance of the torque tube in the entire picture of the rearend. Have heard about different options to replace the tube with...4 link, which is a generic kit .. torque tube eliminator kit...