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  1. Ted Nagel

    65 Wildcat project

    This is what I'm working on now.. Dual Qwad Robert passed away about 10 years ago. His brother Ruebin inherited the car and I kept in touch... I was able to purchase it 12/18. Now a little engine clean up and seeing if I can get it on...
  2. Ted Nagel

    New Guy With a Question ~ (California GS?)

    Yes it could be a 67 GS California. Your engine should have the VIN stamped on the front face behind the AIR pump and Power steering pump- hard to get at, but it should be the same as VIN. I have one too- it also has numbers that would be for a special V6 but instead has a 340. Ted
  3. Ted Nagel

    Last time I was on: 12-31-1969

    Cool, I did not even know about computers then!