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  1. tjbian

    46 320 rebuild with 49 up parts?

    Terrill Machine Co. will exchange your connecting rods with those machined for inserts. Feltz Terrill is second generation in this business and is quite reasonable in his prices. In addition, the machinist who is rebuilding my 1948 50 Series engine for my 1940 Super is very picky was happy with...
  2. tjbian

    Comment by 'tjbian' in item '1940 Buick Eight Special'

    She actually looks quite solid. Now all she needs is many hours and lots of money. Good luck!! I have owned my 1940 Super for almost 52 years and am still inserting money. She is currently undergoing an engine and transmission overhaul and then I will hopefully be done.
  3. tjbian

    If you paid by PayPal you are able to contact the seller through PayPal. Click "Report a Problem" on the transaction as selected from your history.
  4. tjbian

    First time US car - Guten Tag from Germany

    Lubricating the speedometer cable sometimes fixes a jumpy needle if the jump is caused by the cable binding in the tube.
  5. tjbian

    Hello from the uk

    Great looking car! Thanks for sharing.
  6. tjbian

    First time US car - Guten Tag from Germany

    Guten Tag, Max Ihre auto ist sehr schön..... I will have to switch to English as I last studied German 3 years before your car was built. You really did a nice job bringing her back. Have you had her on the Autobahn yet? Thanks for sharing with us, Tom
  7. tjbian

    1927 buick speedster build

    Great Work, can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing with us. Tom
  8. tjbian

    What paint is possible?

    Check out this website: They are not cheap, but have both acrylic lacquer and single stage acrylic and urethane enamels.
  9. tjbian

    Good Source for 10"x3" Air Filter Element For 1962 Skylark Convertible

    According to the Wix catalog their number 42304 is 3 inches in height and 10 inches in diameter. This number is available at many stores and sites including Amazon, NAPA, and Summit Racing and most parts chains, at prices from...
  10. tjbian

    1940 Buick rear end

    I am not interested in buying, I want to give one away. It has been in my shed 20 years and I think it is too good to scrap.
  11. tjbian

    1940 Buick rear end

    When I went to examine the gears I have I was surprised to see the mechanic had disassembled it. I assumed he had just swapped center sections. It was in a black plastic trash bag in a box and I had not looked at in in years. The gears appear fine as do the other parts. I have what appears to...
  12. tjbian

    Need mount brackets

    I only have one, the upholstery shop lost the other when buffing them and I had to buy a pair. For some reason I can't insert the link to the photo, try this: Email me your address at tjbian64 :)
  13. tjbian

    1940 Buick rear end

    Please email to tjbian64:) and I will send number. Thanks, Tom
  14. tjbian

    1940 Buick rear end

    I have owned a 1940 Super for over 50 years. About 20-25 years ago I bought a Century 3.90:1 center section. The unit I removed has been in my shed ever since. It never gave me any trouble and I recall having it adjusted by a friend of my dad's when I put in a clutch. The car probably had...
  15. tjbian

    New french member and first american car !

    Hello, Your English is great, probably better than mine. CARS in New Jersey ( ships internationally. You have a beautiful car. Good luck, Tom
  16. tjbian

    1938 Special robe cord escutcheon

    Thanks, Todd , I replied again on the Buy/Sell. I hope he reads it.
  17. tjbian

    Need mount brackets

    Stefan, I have one from a 1940 Super that you can have for the postage. The upholstery shop lost one and I bought a pair from a Roadmaster so I have one extra.
  18. tjbian

    1938 Special robe cord escutcheon

    Stefan, I think I have one I cannot find the original thread to contact Stefan. A few years ago the upholstery shop lost one of my escutcheons from my 1940 Super. They claimed it flew away when they were buffing it and it could not be found. I was able to find a pair from a Roadmaster that...
  19. tjbian

    Comment by 'tjbian' in item 'Fifty Year Project'

    Thanks, AL. Keep pluggin'.Things got easier for me once eBay came along as well as this Forum and The AACA Buick Forum.