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    Buick engine number

  2. LARRY70GS

    Buick engine number

    The pulley unbolts from the balancer without removal.
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    Buick engine number

    Block casting number 25505553 is an 80-84 4.1 block. Scroll to the bottom of the page,
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    Buick engine number

    The 491295 is just the last 6 digits of the VIN number of the car it came in. The 4 is Buick Motor Division. On the 67 and up V8's, the second character is a number, the last digit of the year of production, BUT, you have an A there, so it must be an earlier engine. The H I believe is the...
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    Axle Ratio identification

    On the Ring gear, there are 2 numbers after the part number. Divide the smaller number into the larger number and that gives you the ratio. 45/11 = 4.10
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    Best oil & Filter for Nailhead 401 / 445?

    While thicker oils (15W/50, or 20W/50) may offer more viscosity in a hotter running engine in hot weather, it also takes more power to pump, and circulates slower especially while cold. Rule of thumb is to run the thinnest oil that gives you sufficient hot oil pressures. The Nailhead oiling...
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    Wiper Arm -- looking for a wiper arm for a 1966 Wildcat (or set)

    This is plastic?,1966,wildcat,6.6l+401cid+v8,1319262,wiper+&+washer,wiper+arm,8848 (says stainless steel)
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    Best oil & Filter for Nailhead 401 / 445?

    I use Joe Gibbs oil,,1966,wildcat,6.6l+401cid+v8,1319262,engine,oil+filter,5340...
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    Assistance needed for replacement of fuel filter on Nailhead 401 Maybe Tom Telesco can help (Telriv)
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    Assistance needed for replacement of fuel filter on Nailhead 401

    Looks like it is mounted to the ignition coil, on the smaller engines, and to the thermostat housing bolt on the 401. Is the bracket still there?
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    Issues with timing on my Odd Fire 225

    Both of your symptoms indicate excessive ignition timing. Hard cranking while hot and surging. If you have the vacuum advance connected, disconnect it and see if the surging stops. Make sure you are referencing the correct mark on the harmonic balancer. Some V6 balancers have two marks, one...
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    Edelhoser 800 CFM carb

    No worries at all with the 64 8.2.
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    Edelhoser 800 CFM carb

    The 8.2 is plenty strong unless you have over 500 HP and are planning on racing the car with slicks.
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    1967 Buick GS Stalled in Drive Through & Now Wont Crank. Ughhhhhh!!!

    9 times out of ten, it is dirty/corroded/loose connections at the starter or battery. Probably why it is stalling as well, especially if you are running the original externally regulated alternator.
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    This is what I use, Probably more than you need, it's good for 1200 HP. You can probably get by with a moderately built TH2004R.
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    1966 Wildcat - no crank no start

    Yeah, I figured it was too good to be true.
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    1966 Wildcat - no crank no start

    Are any of these correct?,1966,wildcat,6.6l+401cid+v8,1319262,electrical-switch+&+relay,neutral+safety+switch+/+range+sensor,4584
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    How to access/change the neutral switch on 1966 Wildcat?

    If you have a floor shifter, the neutral safety switch can be located inside the shifter assembly instead of the steering column like pictured. Whenever you have a no crank problem, you should first check the battery, then cables and connections at the battery and starter. After that, check...
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    1966 Wildcat - no crank no start

    The neutral safety switch is frequently located ON the steering column, under the dash. No need to remove the steering wheel. Try this. Attach a length of 14 gauge wire to the + battery post. touch the other end to the small "S" terminal of the starter solenoid. The starter motor should...
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    Buick 455 Rotating assembly wanted.

    High HP blocks need a girdle, more machining and more expense. My engine does not need it at 600 HP, and engine RPM below 6000 RPM.