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  1. TODD

    1957 BUICK CENTURY fuel leak help

    The Buick Master Parts Book shows the fuel line is 5/16" id. The fuel line comes off the bottom of the tank as shown in the attached pages from the Chassis Service Manual and some Product Service Bulletins. To replace the hose and service the in-tank fuel filter, the tank will have to be...
  2. TODD

    455 in 56 Chev

    Is it the motor mounts you are looking for?
  3. TODD

    First time US car - Guten Tag from Germany

    The instrument cluster tell-tale lamp sockets are GM part no 5655006. They were used on 1959-65 Buicks and many other cars as well. Many sources turn up by Googling 'GM 5655006'. These appear to be easy to find at least in the US. NAPA Auto Parts stores carry them in their Echlin brand as...
  4. TODD

    Please i need help

    The numbers stamped on the front of the block follow a standard GM format The first character designates the GM division. The last 8 characters match the last 8 of the vehicle's VIN. 5 (unclear) = GMC division. This does not make sense. We have no records indicating GMC used Buick 350s...
  5. TODD

    68 Skylark Custom to 69 Skylark Custom frame swap?

    The Buick Master Parts Book shows the frame is a GM part no 3960733. This no was used on all Skylark Custom 2 drs except convertibles from 1968-70. It was also used on lots of other GM A-bodies during these years. The part no should be stamped on the frame (outer left rear side area). Having...
  6. TODD

    1949 PCD and hub diameter

    This ad gives the PCD (aka bolt circle diameter) as 5 inches and the center hole diameter as 3.25 inches.
  7. TODD

    Buick engine number

    To add a bit more detail, the attached decoder card shows GM changed the VIN model year code to A in 1980 for some reason. It also shows the 4.1L was used only in Buicks that year. So the engine came from a 1980 Buick. The Buick shop manual page attached shows the 4.1 L was supplied only in...
  8. TODD

    1949 Dynaflow model 71 zerk fitting

    Lee, there are grease fittings which are pressed into an untapped hole (aka drive-type grease fittings). Attached is a page from the McMaster-Carr catalog showing these and the tools for installation. This type is not pressure rated nor recommended for use with pneumatic grease gun systems. The...
  9. TODD

    '61 Invicta emblems

    The Rear Compartment Lid Ornament Emblem is GM part no 1164770. It was used on all '61 Buicks except Skylark and wagons. Also used on '62 Estate wagons. Here is one that came up in a search using the part no...
  10. TODD

    1973 Centurion

    Buick Master Parts Books show there were two types of wheel covers for Centurions. The standard wheel cover and the Deluxe (sometimes called Super Deluxe) both had a center ornament with the helmet. The ornament for the standard wheel cover is GM part no 9868552. Phillips Muscle Car Parts...
  11. TODD

    Original Speaker 65 Wildcat convertible

    Anna, could you describe what kind of project you're working on? I am not understanding your questions.
  12. TODD

    Help - 1940 Special horn assembly

    Ben, here are some pages from the Master Parts List and the Shop Manual that may help. Also shown is a factory service bulletin for repairing sensitive horn rings on 1948 models.
  13. TODD

    Assistance needed for replacement of fuel filter on Nailhead 401

    As Bob's posts above indicate, the '66 fuel filter mounts lower down, in between the fuel pump and the fan pulley. The bracket attaches to a double-threaded bolt for the water pump. The parts layout is shown on pg. 80-8 of the shop manual (see attached). The fuel filter bracket for the '66...
  14. TODD

    ignition switch

    Yes. The Riviera does not use the ground pin. You will have to check the new switch against the old switch to confirm the mechanical fit in the dash is good.
  15. TODD

    1957 Buick Wiring Diagram with modern Alternator, HEI Distributor, Mini-Starter

    Correct. There will be only one wire on pin 4. And it goes to ground.
  16. TODD

    1940 Buick Special Transmission Identification

    Jimmy, Specials from 1940-47 used a transmission with a short mainshaft and rear bearing retainer. From 1948-53 they used a long mainshaft and rear bearing retainer. Not sure the later type would fit into a 1940 model without major rework of other driveline components. Attached are 2 pages...
  17. TODD

    1966 Wildcat - no crank no start

    The correct switch is GM part no 1371068. Even with usage on high collector interest models like the Gran Sport and Riviera, no reproduction switches appear to be available. It was used on column-shift and console-shift cars. Only a few expired eBay listings turned up during a search. Here...
  18. TODD

    1957 Buick Wiring Diagram with modern Alternator, HEI Distributor, Mini-Starter

    Joe, Here are some more ideas: 1. The 18 LGreen wire at pin 4 of the starter relay needs to be rerouted from the Jct Block to ground. This would be a good place to add a secret starter kill switch for added security if you like. The wiring as shown matches the original. The change from...
  19. TODD

    Wildcat Body Mounts

    Depending on the terminology the vendors use, it may be necessary to order a 24-pc body mount kit and a 4-pc radiator support kit to obtain all 28 items. In old Buick Master Parts books, the body was considered to start at the cowl and continue rearward to the end of the luggage compartment...
  20. TODD

    Could anyone help decode this tag. Thank You

    If nothing else works, you can type in the VIN here. What is the engine size (if you know it)? We may have to ask some more questions to pinpoint the needed part.