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    Hey i need help with 3.3L v6 of 1993 buick skylark

    balancer removal some of them will pull right off without any use of a puller. some of them are very tight! if you do need a puller, what i usually do is go to the local harbor freight, or some other cheap tool store, and buy yourself a set of 3 jaw pullers. you will most likely have to...
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    '91-'96 park avenue trunk & taillights leaking

    has anyone heard of this problem? my trunk is getting wet! the water is coming in through the taillights. I have replaced both seals around the taillights, they are an open cell foam seal and allow water to come right through after it soaks for a little bit! The taillight has a terrible...
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    electric seats on 03 la sabre

    wiring diagram i should be able to help you out with a wiring diagram for the '03 lesabre seats. email me directly at and i will try to send you the diagram when i get home from work!