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    5 spd behind a stg 8

    I have a 53 special with three on the tree I want to put a 5 speed in it from an S10 I saw it in street rodder magazine on a 53 chevy with an adapter plate (150$) is our 3 speeds the same as the chevy? and what rearend would you use any help would be great. This is a pic at its first car show...
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    Info on trany conversion 3 on the tree to Turbo 350

    Hi Guys I have a 1953 41D she runs good I would like to convert it to a Turbo 350 any info out there on that. My 263 runs great just dont like the 3 speed it is leaking at the tail shaft if no conversion then rebuid the 3 speed.
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    Looking for Info

    :hurray: Hi this was nice to find a site about Buicks I have a 1953 special and im looking for a spot to get parts and I am also looking for a service manual for it as well. Any help would be great. I have a car show coming up I would like to go to in the midle of june. Ink and Iron.