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    Clock [Delete]

    Hi - I have a 64 LeSabre Convertible that did not come with a dash clock. I have bought a clock and want to install in in place of the clock delete. I read somewhere that you need to drill 2 - 3/8" holes in the delete and insert the handle of a pliars and twist out the delete. It sounds...
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    300 4bbl Spark Plug Threads

    Hi - I noticed one of my spark plugs went in a little funny today. Turns out that the threads on the aluminum head went south. I want to do the thread insert thing but don't want to leave any metal in the cylinder. Has anyone inserted the thread inserts? How did you make sure you didn't get any...
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    64 Blower & Air Inlet

    Hi - I just bought a 64 LeSabre convertible. 57,057 original miles, 300 cuin 4 BBL. There are heat/ventilation issues. I want to get in and change the heater core. Where can I get a blower and air inlet gasket? It's in the chassis manual but I can't find it anywhere. Also - where can I...