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  1. rcull

    263 Buick Street Build

    I have done up a couple of DynoSym5 files for a stock 263 Buick, and one on a 263 I am putting together. If you use DynoSym5, you can take these files and drop them in your "Engine File" directory for future use. If you improve these please post the improvements back here!
  2. rcull

    OMG, what has happened when I was away!!!

    What a change! Hopefully, it won't all be bad. It isn't finished yet be a long shot, and will probably be a few weeks getting smoothed out. I hope you can all tolerate it. It is the "NEW" flexible design, which means it should look better on small devices... I think the overall format will be...
  3. rcull

    Inserting Images/Attachments

    From the time you register, you should be able to insert images in your posts. When you have the wysiwyg editor open, Under the "Title" input field. Find the image . Click on it, you will be give the option to "drag and drop" an image or using the "Or click here" option to look through the...
  4. rcull


    It looks like it is time to move away from the VB4 forum format.:( It would have been nice if Vbulletin looked like the way to progress, but it just does not. Xenforo seems to be the forum of the future right now. I have been putting off the upgrade for 2 or 3 years now, but the time is...
  5. rcull

    263 Street Build

    I'm doing up a 263 for a fellow. Just starting the tear down. The motor looked like a million bucks. We were to be disappointed. There are no through bolts into the head, there should be no sealant or lock-tite used on the head bolts! When lifting the head off, glass beads started to flow...
  6. rcull

    Simple Drive Shaft Welding Jig

    I build quite a few driveshafts and thought I would share a simple jig which helps with the welding. This assumes you have a lathe to cut the drive shaft you wish to assemble. After the parts have been disassembled the tubing is beveled (thin tubing, so not much). The seam inside is removed...
  7. rcull

    Extended Tip Rotors

    I thought I would bring up a subject which has been touched on elsewhere on the web, but is still unclear. I was just going to make it an article, but thought I would place it here for a while to gather more input. -This according to Corvette Central This is the only rotor on the market...
  8. rcull

    Blueprinting Straight Eights

    If any Straight Eight enthusiasts have any information that they can add to the Blue Printing section of the "Straight Eight Engine Specifications" please post them. The blueprint specifications are at the bottom of the page.
  9. rcull

    Self Canceling Turn Signals

    In 1940 Buick enhanced the directional indicators by extending the signals to front lights and adding a self-canceling mechanism. Cost, $7.95.
  10. rcull

    1951 GM Motorama Le Sabre XP-8 & Buick XP-300

    1951 GM Motorama Le Sabre XP-8 & Buick XP-300
  11. rcull

    Article: 1967 GS Hood Scoop Installation Pattern

    You can view the page at
  12. rcull

    Poston 350 Valve Covers

    Buick 350 finned aluminum valve covers POSTON Current bid:US $100.00
  13. rcull

    A Few Buick Songs

    Warpipes-Back of my Buick: Big Long Buick - Big Joe & the Dynaflows: How I love to Drive my Buick: There was one to a country theme, I thought, about a '66 Riviera. Don't know the name or author...
  14. rcull

    Projects, Journals and Blogs...

    We had a program called "Garage" for a while, it crashed and is now gone. It was pretty nice, but became outdated and was unsupported. We tried "Rides". It did not seem to catch on. We still have an image Gallery, but it is not a very organized program. We still have the "Journals" or blog...
  15. rcull

    2X4 Throttle Linkage

    Whenever I see a dual quad throttle linkage it has a spring between the bolt head and the trunnion. The parts book does not show one. When I look at the linkage, I think if there were a spring here, it would have to be of a specific design and would show in the parts books, which it does not...
  16. rcull

    Mobile Style

    I have enabled a mobile style for the site. It should make it nicer to use on your phones etc. I am not particularly happy with the lack of flexibility in the coloring, but I guess it is at least usable.
  17. rcull

    Logging In and Out Problems!

    It seems we are experiencing logging in and out problems. I hope they can be solved shortly. Meantime, if you have trouble, things you can try are, clearing your cashe, and definitely click "Remember Me" so that your log in stays.
  18. rcull

    Pull in Cam Bearing Tool

    You will need a lathe to build build this. I recently had a bearing alignment problem in an MG (what has that got to do with Buicks). The bearing hole alignment with the block holes was poor, and instead of being pro-active and grinding the block out first, I foolishly installed them with the...
  19. rcull

    Stolen Car Security?

    Occasionally, like when I stay in a motel on my way to a car show, car theft becomes a concern. Car tracking systems are expensive. This "Tracker" is real reasonable: Has anyone used one, and what do you think?
  20. rcull


    We used to have a program called "Garage" on the site for users to upload images to. It had some problems and was no longer supported. I am not sure we can count on "Rides" to be supported either, but it works, at least for now. Rides should have been able to move all the files from Garage...