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  1. Jeep, MB

    Jeep, MB

    My parts getter. Not really a cream puff, aftermarket body and a mix match of MB and GPW, but to the untrained eye pretty nice. It's been down to the frame a couple of times, cleaning up messes. It's pretty good now, great in the summer!
  2. Riviera GS

    Riviera GS

    Not a frame off, but pretty good. We are the second owner of this car, purchased in Denver Colorado. It has a pretty good load of options. Did the transmission and the motor. Added a 2x4 setup to it. Will probably add a heavier front sway bar this year. Here is the motor on the test stand:
  3. Buick GS400

    Buick GS400

    I am happy to be the second owner of this car. When I got it, it did not have a posi or power brakes. I added both immediately. I have also add power windows and an OE am/fm radio. The wheel are 15X7 from Wheels Vintique. The original owner had the seats redone with velour inserts sewn in the...