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  1. rcull

    1950 buick oil filter spring

    I don't know, but I would put the larger diameter against the filter.
  2. rcull

    New Member Junkman

    Welcome, a "handle" I can relate to :)
  3. rcull

    14" drum conversion

    That is a personal choice and depends on what you want for your car. Myself, I would always restore the original or another original column, I like close to original appearance.
  4. rcull

    14" drum conversion

    Have a look at this one from Summit: It says 14" minimum.
  5. rcull

    The Netherlands

    Nice looking car!
  6. rcull

    50 Roadmaster steering gear lube

    I would have just used a 90 weight gear oil :( The only reason anything should leak out is the seal or the sealing surface of the leak is damaged. An oil choice shouldn't make any difference except in the speed at which the oil can seep through the flaw.
  7. rcull

    1957 and 1958 power brake conversion help

    Looks good, you have done a nice job!
  8. rcull

    263 Street Build

    The one on the left is an auto with a flywheel locating center of about 3.600" The one on the right is a standard with a flywheel locating center of about 3.75"
  9. rcull

    263 Buick Street Build

    I have done up a couple of DynoSym5 files for a stock 263 Buick, and one on a 263 I am putting together. If you use DynoSym5, you can take these files and drop them in your "Engine File" directory for future use. If you improve these please post the improvements back here!
  10. rcull

    263 Street Build

    The cam is back, it is a symmetrical cam. Grind Pattern B237X Lobe Separation: 112 Advertised Duration: 284 .050": 213 Cam lift: .273" Valve lift: .395" After removing what probably turned out to be over 0.120" from the head, there is still 0.100" valve to piston clearance without a gasket...
  11. rcull

    Straight 8 and Dyaflow Trans swap.

    I tend to doubt it, because there are two kits for adapting the small or the large straight eight to a chevy transmission as seen here: BU1000401 Buick Straight 8, 320 w/ Dynaflow 3.625 inch Crank Flange to Chevy BU1000201 Buick Straight...
  12. rcull

    1975 Century wagon

    Probably the only hope you have of ensuring fit will be, when you order them from which ever supplier you choose, discuss your application with them and get their assurance (preferably in writing) that the parts will fit or can be returned. Then open packaging neatly! Experience has it, that...
  13. rcull

    1966 Buick Riviera : Steering wheel

    Sorry, I don't understand easily. I take it all the tie rod ends are new. Regardless, 2 people one looking through the steering assembly from the steering wheel on down while the other plays with the wheel should find the problem, is the steering box adjusted properly? The person watching should...
  14. rcull

    1967 Buick GS400 Shift Console Install Help

    You should include some pictures of your console.
  15. rcull

    New Guy With a Question ~ (California GS?)

    Yes, you can find the information on your "Body Number". Click on "67" at the top of the page. If you have a problem upload a picture of your Body Tag.
  16. rcull

    Newbie from Missouri

    Welcome The 455 should help it along quite nicely!
  17. rcull

    Buick motors

    I would say 1955 322's looking in the reference under "Engine Identification by the Numbers 53-58"
  18. rcull

    Motor mount frame support

    Here is another shot with a good nailhead engine mount sitting in place. I left the damaged one where it was in the first picture to help with orientation. No desert, and this time of year our grounds maintenance crew has a tough time keeping up, but then the supervisor is a donkey and his four...
  19. rcull

    1970 Buick skylark 350 Flywheel ring gear problem

    Small block Chevys use a 168 or older ones use a 153 tooth ring gear. Be careful what 350 you may be shopping for. When shopping on ebay and you search for Buick 350/whatever, you will get sbc parts marked "will fit Buick" when they are for a sbc only motor. This is because the sbc 350 was put...
  20. rcull

    Motor mount frame support

    This is the passenger side on 66 Riviera. The rubber part above the mount is part of the engine mount you apparently have.