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    Where is the arcade???

    came on this morning to play some games in the arcade, but i don't see a link for it on this new page. Where did it go?
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    Odd Problem

    Here's a strange problem:today fro a daily driver I bought a 1992 Olds 88 Royale, 3.8 engine, a 1 owner 134k car.Now, for the problem: when it is moved out of park( brake pedal is being pressed first) and put into gear,then given gas, it feels as if it is still in park.Even in neutral it acts...
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    arcade request

    how about bringing back the game "zorro tank" it was more fun than the game "helicopter" thanks
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    a rare find??

    I'm currently gutting a '76 Limited 4 door for a demo derby friend (I get to keep everything I take off :hurray: ) the drivetrain was already gone, and when I looked at the frame pads, they were 350 ones :jeez: !! I looked at the VIN, and sure enough, the engine code was H. he later told me...
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    can some help me here?

    switch for trunk light I'm wondering, if there's a way I can rig a hidden switch somewhere inside the trunk,so I can show my trunk area in car shows,without the trunk light staying on. what type of switch would I need?
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    door panel removal

    I've been given the chance by a demolition derby driver friend to strip out 3 '76 Electras he has, and take everything I want from them, and the first things I will be grabbing will be the door panels, is there a way to take them off, and preserve the retaining clips on them?
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    smog pump removal

    I'm wanting to remove the smog pump and associated hoses/pipes from the 307 Oldsmobuick engine my 1984 Le Sabre. can this be done without setting any trouble codes? my reason for wanting to get rid of it: it's getting rather noisy,and would make getting to the fuel pump easier. I also plan on...
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    wipers won't shut off- 84 Le Sabre

    had to use the wipers tonight, and when I went to turn them off, they would not stop, unless I turn the key off, then they would pull down. I assume it's in the park switch, can these be had thru parts stores? I do have a wiper motor off of a...
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    77 Regal, V6 odd fire, need help!

    yes, since the even fire one is more plentiful, I have one of these out of a '79 cutlass that I can't even give away!!
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    77 Regal, V6 odd fire, need help!

    should be a 3.8 :thumbsup:
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    intermittent surging

    I had My '76 out for a cruise tonight,when on the way back home it started surging,then died.I got it restarted, then drove about 3 blocks,and it did this same thing again. I got it back home in the garage, and it was ok again. I was thinking that I may need to pour a couple bottles of Heet in...
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    paint code

    the paint code on my 84 Le Sabre is 11T, what color is this?
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    windshield leak

    today I noticed a couple of small areas of water on top of the dash in my 84 Le Sabre after a rain we had last night. how would I go about sealing this? should I put the sealer on the inside top edge of the windshield,or put it where the windshield trim molding,and roof meet? :confused:
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    idle load compensator

    I have one of these mounted on the left front of the Q-jet on the 307 in my 84 Le Sabre. I assume it's function is to keep the curb idle speed up when the a/c is on. is this correct? since I'm going to be removing the a/c components soon, can I go ahead remove this piece?? there are no...
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    would it be possible

    to relocate the alternator on the 307 olds engine in my 1984 Le Sabre to the passenger side? it's on the driver's side currently, and it sure makes checking & filling the power steering pump difficult I know it would involve removing the a/c compressor,and air pump (I plan to remove these when...
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    inoperative cruise control 1984 Le Sabre

    the cruise control in the 1984 Le Sabre I bought today does not work. it is the electronic type, with the servo unit mounted just ahead of the carb. is there a fuse I could check? when the engage button is pressed, nothing happens. any thoughts/ideas on what I need to look at? thanks in advance...
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    I'm getting another Buick :)

    I just got rid of my big '89 Suburban, and bought a 1984 Le Sabre limited 4 door :hurray: pics tomorrow when I bring it home :thumbsup: :shield: will be much easier to keep full (the suburban had a 41 gal tank :jeez:)
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    That`s 56`Special is a victim of an accident !

    oh geez!! I hope you both get well soon, and that your Buick can somehow be fixed :shield:
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    is this battery big enough??

    is this battery sufficient enough for my '76 Electra 225: CCA 525,, CA 630 group 75-5N thanks in advance!! :thumbsup: :shield:
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    EFE valve question

    I'm wanting to verify the operation of My car's EFE valve.which way is full open, :" / " or " \ " my shop manual doesn't show this info. the valve linkage is free, but I just want to make sure all is ok (no mech.problems):) :thumbsup: you can disregard this, I figured it out :thumbsup: * a...