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    Fixing Door Glass Metal Channels

    Here's a restoration tip which may be of interest to anyone rebuilding windows or doors in their early Buick. Many times the window door glass bottom metal channel is rusted out and/or through in spots in the bottom of the channel and needs repair or replacing. For most of these early models...
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    I found the 3in plug for the bottom of the intake manifold

    CARS, Inc. also has the plug, 1957 to 1960. 2 Bbl is MP-579 and 4 Bbl is MP-596. Phone is 908 369 3666.
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    '57 Buick Special Riviera Rebuild

    Things are progressing nicely on this Riviera. Here's a before and after. If you want to see a few more pictures, click on the link below. Expect to finish this resto mod by next spring. If your still interested, there's more pictures...
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    A '57 2 Dr. Riviera Rebuild

    Coming out of 'retirement' to do this special car for an old friend. Here are some pictures of the teardown and I'll be adding some as we move along. It will be basically stock and original except for some minor upgrades. The 364 is done and the frame is bare and headed for sandblasting and...
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    New to Buick, but Old to Some Other Stuff

    First time posting on this forum, but with my current project, it's a good idea. Lots of things different about the Buick. For sure, I'll have some questions. Been around one of the Chevy forums for several years, but I'll have to feel my way around this one for a while. Don't have time for a...