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    V6 225 Help

    What year is the engine ?
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    Buick 322 Aluminum Flywheel - Help Identifying

    The issue with grinding aluminum flywheels with steel inserts is that the steel insert usually has loosened up some from heat expansion. Other than that its not too bad except the flywheel grinder wheel tends to load up on the aluminum. You can probably tighten up the rivets if needed. You...
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    pistons and heads.

    Stubbe, Normally higher compression will make more power as long as you can get the proper fuel. Is there any numbers on the other piston ?
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    OMG, what has happened when I was away!!!

    Ok, Switched views, much better. The yellow was terrible. I can click on the moderator link and see the que etc but that is all.
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    OMG, what has happened when I was away!!!

    Is it just me or does everyone have a yellow background ?? Tough on the eyes
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    Anyone happen to have a 1984 Buick service manual ?

    Thanks for the reply guys. Shop-key showed a totally different procedure for 84 requiring removval of the ac housing under the hood. Well that was wrong :) I remembered I had an old Chiltons manual that covered those years and it showed where the "hidden" bolts were :) Took me the better...
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    Anyone happen to have a 1984 Buick service manual ?

    Hey guys, Anyone happen to have an 84 service manual ? Looking for Riviera heater core R & R. I have an 83 manual but something must have changed between 83 and 84 because the instructions for 83 do not make sense for the 84 :( Thanks in advance, Bill
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    Quiet exhaust ????

    Hey guys, I just finished rebuilding the engine and trans for my Wife's 84 Riviera. We had replaced the original exhaust probably 10 years ago with an AP / Maremont system and she was never happy with the way it sounded. This time I put all new Walker from front to back except for the cat...
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    1979 - 1985 Riviera Air Shock replacements ?

    Hey guys, The oem style air shocks are no longer available anywhere. Has anyone used the AC Delco kit to replace them ? It looks like you have to modify the compressor and change the plumbing a bit. Also Monroe has a set that does not require the compressor mod but does require a change in...
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    72 Skylark rear axle seal question ? Too tight ??

    Hey guys, A customer brought me a set of axles out of a 71 Skylark to replace the bearings and seals. The new seals he purchased look identical to the old ones but in my opinion they are WAY too tight on the axle shaft. Even with assembly lube on them you can hardly turn them by hand ? I...
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    85 Riviera rear air shocks ??

    Hey guys, Has anyone used any of the aftermarket replacement rear air shocks for these cars ? I need a set for my Wife's car and I managed to find an OEM set last time but I am not having any luck this time :( Monroe lists them but I they seem to be more of a "heavy duty" type shock for...
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    Winter Storage

    Robert, You got good advice. The more air space in the tank, the more chance of condensation, plastic tank or not. For 5 months storage, I dont know if I would even fool with the StaBil but I guess it cant hurt. My 84 S-10 has been sitting next to the house for 2 years with an electrical...
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    Question on setting up a rear end

    By the way, you really should not be using an impact wrench to set preload. I use a large 1/2" drive breaker bar with a pipe extension on the handle. You also need to have a fixture to keep the yoke from turning while you tighten the pinion nut.
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    replace or rebuild?

    Rusty, If it is an electronic carb with a mixture control solonoid and a throttle position sensor, there are a couple of special tools you need to do the job right and get it set back up properly when you are done. Also, most of the kits do NOT come with some of the o-rings you need if you...
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    84 Riviera repower?

    The 307 is almost bulletproof. Get a Jasper or GM rebuilt and swap it out and be done with it. A 350 might give him a little more power, but just having a fresh 307 will probably do the same. My Wife's 84 has 140k miles on it and still runs as sweet as the day it was new. would not swap the 307...
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    '91 Riviera Air Suspension

    Rob, Why not put the correct struts back on and fix the system so it works ???? The ones on my Wife's 84 are still working after 23 years, I have had to replace the ride height sensor once and the shocks a couple of times but that is to be expected.
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    85 front wheel drive

    Tom, My Wife is having the tires on hers rotated and balanced at a friend's tire shop this week. I will try to get him to measure one of them, but no promises :)
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    455 in 65 Riviera ?

    Anyone done this swap ? One of my customers is doing one and is trying to figure out the oil pan. Does not look like anyone makes a pan for the swap. Has anaybody modified the 455 pan or know of an available pan that will work in the 65 ? Thanks,
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    ID this water pump ??

    Hey guys, One of my parts store customers has been doing some house cleaning and they found a water pump that they are trying to ID. This is a pump that was sent off to be rebuilt and never picked up by a customer. The box just says "Buick 1950's" the only identifying mark is the casting...