1. scenexsick

    1966 Electra spitting gas out the carb.... HEI Vacuum Advance tuning?

    I recently performed an HEI points conversion on my 1966 Electra, only with the help of you kind folks here, and at v8 buick! I got to the point where all is hooked up properly, but left to go south for vacation, so didnt have the chance to fully finish. I cranked it once and fired, yet ran very...
  2. T

    Need Heater Vacuum Diagram

    Hello All, I need a diagram that shows how all the vacuum lines connect to the heater control switches for a 70 Skylark. Thanks
  3. 1

    1957 Buick Vacuum / Washer Bottle Hose Diagram

    Hi out there, I too am looking for a vacuum hose / wiper washer bottle routing diagram or better yet photo's showing the correct routing for a 1957 Buick w/ 2 speed vacuum wipers and GM washer bottle. Looked in all GM manuals, but came up with nothing? any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  4. E

    Vacuum connector?

    On the passenger side rear of the intake manifold of a 430 block 1967. There are two vacuum connectors screwed into the manifold. My rebuilder lost the one on the passenger side. I wondered if anyone can give me a place to buy one or the specs on it so that I can get one machined. I have...