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A production identification number is stamped into the lower edge of the reaction shaft flange directly to rear of the high (left) accumulator. The identification number consists of a letter followed by a number.

The letter indicates the car series for which the transmission is designed and the number indicates the date of production. All transmissions in each series are given the same number during one day of production and the next highest number is used the following day. If a design change which effect interchangeability of parts goes into production during the day the next highest number is used for the balance of the day, starting with the first transmission which contains the new parts.

E '50
F '51
G '52
H '53 40 ser.
J '53 50, 70 ser.
K or M '54 40,60 ser.
P '56 All
R '57 All
S '58 All
T '55 50, 70 ser.
W '59 All

Buick Twin Turbine:

1959-60 R016
1961-62 B013
1963 H013

Dynaflow Identification Number