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Buick Engine Colors, Which One is Right For You!

There is always some confusion about correct engine colors with the Buick line. Hopefully this helps...
  • 1939-40 Buick Charcoal Gray
  • 1933-38 Buick Green
  • 1922-30 Buick Early Green
  • 1953-65 Buick Late Green
  • 1941 only Buick Early Red
  • 1966-71 Buick Late Red
  • 1942-52 & 53 Specials Buick Turquoise
  Bill Hirsch POR KBS
1922-30 Buick Early Green X    
1933-38 Buick Green X    
1939-40 Buick Charcoal Gray X    
1941 only Buick Early Red X    
1942-52 & 53 Specials Buick Turquoise X POR Buick Green 42-52  
1953-65 Buick Late Green X Buick Green 53-65 KBS Green 53-65
1966-71 Buick Late Red X   KBS Buick Red 66-71

The following is a table of engine paint colors used by Buick. It should be noted that in some instances changeover in paint color may not have coincided exactly with the change in model year. Such non-listed uses should be documented.
  • 1922-1930 Olive Brown to Olive Green shades
  • 1931 early Olive Green
  • 1931 late Black
  • 1932 Chassis Black
  • 1933-1938 Forest Green
  • 1939-1941 Gray (production through 11/18/40)
  • 1941 Dante Red
  • 1942-1952 Turquoise
  • 1953-1966 Apple Green (Buick green)
  • 1961-1963 Special, Skylark polished aluminum block & heads
  • 1963 Riviera, Silver
  • 1964 300 CI V8, Silver
  • 1966 Riviera, Red
  • 1967-1974 Red, except: 1967 V6 (225), V8 (300-2) Buick Green
  • 1975-1977 Medium Metallic Blue
  • 1978-1982 Light Blue
Engine sheet metal parts from 1922-1935 were painted Black, including valve cover, spark plug cover, hot water return tube and fan. Push rod and water jacket covers were painted engine color, as were the pans. Pre-1926, the combination starter-generator was painted engine Olive Drab. Starting in 1926, the separate two-unit starter and generator were painted Black.



Recent inquires have been received regarding the identity and possible availability of the engine enamel used by the Buick factory on the V-8 engine.

Due to limited usage of this engine enamel, coupled with infrequent demand for it in the field, makes it inadvisable that either it or exact matches for it be established for distribution. For those rare occasions where the engine block may require overall refinishing, (after complete removal of grease and other foreign matter has been accomplished), the recommendation of a close match in an already available "Dulux" color should prove entirely satisfactory. The following active "Dulux" colors are offered as being relatively close matches to the current factory finishes:

Buick V-8 Motor:
93-71782 Tahoe Green
93-2908 Narva Green
93-55911 Lakewood Green
93-57287 Fernmist Green
Occasionally there are requests for the Straight 8 and V-8 engine rocker arm cover decals. These decals are now available and may be ordered from: Buick Part & Accessory Merchandising Dept. Buick Motor Division Flint, Michigan