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Buick Cams from Kenne-Bell

    IN EX IN EX      
KB MARK 1H Hydraulic .472" .477" 258° 268° 112° 1000-5500 7000
KB MARK 2H Hydraulic .477" .493" 270° 284° 113° 1500-5500 7000
KB MARK C107 Hydraulic .499" .499" 320° 322° 113° 3300-6000 6500
KB MARK C107/118 Hydraulic .499" .499" 320° 322° 118° 3000-6500 6500
KB MARK 3HB Hydraulic .542" .542" 310° 320° 113° 3500-6500 7200
KB MARK 5HB Hydraulic .606" .606" 345° 345° 108° 4200-7000 7500
KB MARK 7XR Hydraulic .540" .534" 350° 360° 108° 4500-7500 7700
KB MARK 7S Solid .635" .635" 350° 350° 108° 4500-7500  

NOTE: Kenne-Bell Cams are engineered to concentrate maximum power and torque into the power range parameters listed above. These rpm ranges apply to our cams ONLY and if Kenne-Bell Hi Rev Lifters, No Wiggle Retainers and Springs are used. Best shift points for maximum acceleration is dependent on manifold, carburetor, air cleaner, head flow, exhaust, etc. A good baseline is to shift at the upper range and experiment 200 rpm at a time in both directions until optimum acceleration is attained.

One of our satisfied 455 customers appropriately refers to the KB Mark 2 as the "Grocery Getter" because it offers superb street driveability for the wife ( good idle, low end response, etc ) yet gives a substantial improvement in power and acceleration when called upon. All of this without any appreciable loss in economy. Wide Lobe centers and dual pattern for smoother idle ( idles like a cam much smaller than it really is ). Idles with a slight lope so you can hear what you spent your money on. At least 25 HP over stock cam. Pulls strong to 5500. OK with stock converter and gears. A KB Switch Pitch Converter is an unbeatable combination with this cam. Recommended for lighter GS, Skylark and GSX cars and especially the heavier Rivieras, etc ( same cam selected by Gary Bryson for his Hot Rod Magazine 350 Skylark Test Car ). No piston notching necessary. Excellent mileage.

For 14 years, the venerable KB Mark C118 "cheater" has been the most popular and best-selling performance street/strip cam for the 400-430-455 Buick. Standard cam for a GS, GSX or Skylark. Originally developed by Jim Bell in the Pop Kennedy, Doug Jones and Mike Doyle NHRA drag cars. The original 455 "Cheater Cam" powered these cars to 11 second times at over 112 mph way back in the early 1970's. In 1983, Mark Busher ran 10.70's at over 121 mph with the same cam in his "World's Fastest Stage 1" 1970 GS Buick. .3 seconds and 3 mph and a good 35 HP over the stock cam. Amazingly enough, this unique cam is equally at home on the street. Hundreds of satisfied KB customers who drive their cars daily with the cam will attest to this. Don't take a chance on anything else. There is no better cam anywhere for this application. Easy on the valve guides and valve train. OK with stock rockers but KB Roller Rockers recommended. Dual pattern ( more exhaust duration than intake ). Wide 118° lobe centers make this relatively hot street cam behave much like a smaller cam. Idles at 800. Idle would be too rough for street use if it was on closer lobe centers. Noticeable but not objectionable idle. The crowd will definitely know it isn't a stocker. Gobs of power and torque to 6000. Best shift points are at 5500. Pulls hard from 2500 up. Adequate vacuum to operate power brakes and steering. OK with stock trans but a KB Switch Pitch really makes things happen. Must use Kenne-Bell Springs, No Wiggle Retainers and Lifters. Clears stock pistons if head or block haven't been milled but KB notched pistons recommended on rebuild ( carbon deposits can reduce piston to valve clearance ).

KB MARK C107 "499"
Affectionately referred to as the "Window Rattler" because of it's ultrawild lope and crisp throttle response. For big blocks only. The unusually long duration, coupled with the relatively low lift makes for a unique idle that has everyone believing it's a .750" roller. Power is condensed between 3300 and 5800. Cam is actually our 1970-71 Stage 1 NHRA cheater cam that has held so many NHRA class records over the years. Cam profile was completely re-designed in 1991. Now .499" lift and smoother fast ramp profile. Cannot be street driven without a KB Switch Pitch or other high stall converter. .25 seconds and 2.5 mph faster than a KB MARK 118. Idles at 1000 rpm. Good bracket cam. Requires piston notches, KB Springs and Retainers and lower gears. The cam that beat all comers at the '91 Buick GS Nationals in Norm Diehle's '71 GS Junior Stocker - 11.64 / 114.5.

KB MARK C107/118
The best of both cams. The power is very close to the Mark C107 but the new profile, higher lift design idles at 800-900 rpm, not much higher than the Mark C118. Same duration as the Mark C107 but with 118° lobe center to reduce lope and lower idle speed. This thing has 244° intake and 264° exhaust at .050" and works great on the street. Will run power brakes at idle. Lift is OK with Stage 1 springs.

This cam was designed for those who demand the most powerful yet streetable cam possible for their 455-430-400 big block. The obvious choice if you're after another .15 second and 1.5 mph in the 1/4 mile over the Mark C118 and don't mind losing a little fuel economy. Very popular with owners who are upgrading from their old Mark C118. No other cam like this on the market. Awesome power. Needs a converter. Requires piston notches.

The updated KB Mark 3. The new H series has higher lift for more top end power and a broader torque range. For the serious street racer who bracket races but likes to occasionally drive on the street with the hottest and fastest cam possible. Streetable, but rpm must be kept up at all times. "Bad" sounding idle. More power than Mark C118 ( .15 seconds and 1.5 mph faster ). Pulls very strong from 3500 up.

The updated KB Mark 3. the new H Series has higher lift for more top end power and a broader torque range. For the serious street racer who bracket races but likes to occasionally drive on the street with the hottest and fastest cam possible. Streetable, but rpm must be kept up at all times. ';Bad " sounding idle. More power than MKC118 (.15 and 1.5 mph faster). Pulls very strong from 3500 up. Will not operate power steering or brakes without a booster. Needs lower gears and high stall converter and KB Roller Rockers. Requires notched pistons. Will rev to 7000.

The "Monster". The latest "8 " version design. Easy on valve train. Awesome power between 4000 and 7000. Engine should be tully modified with ported heads so cam may " work ." Kenne Bell Roller Rockers are mandatory. Fastest bracket cam. Approx. .1 and 1 mph faster than K8 Mark 3H. Idles at 1800 rpm. Not recommended for street. But some of our customers are doing it. Will work with Kenne 8 ell KB 149 Switch Pitch or a good 4000 stall converter.

The "XR" or fourth version of this beast. The ultimate Buick cam. Designed by Jim Bell to keep the Buick ahead in the performance wars. The new KB Mark 7XR is the latest in hydraulic racing cam technology. For ALL OUT RACING ONLYI Cannot be street driven. This thing has as much duration as a big roller cam. 282 at .050."!! Standard cam for a bracket Stage 20r all out Stage 1. The next step up for more power is an expensive roller cam. Absolutely the biggest, wildest, most powerful cam available for the 430-455 BUick (too big for a 400' motor). Picks up .15/1.5 mph over our Mark 5HB. Must have our complete cam kit. biO piston notches, a 4000 stall converter, ported heads and all the good stuH. Unmatched power between 4000-7500. The choice of such notable Buick racers as Fred Catlin.

The fastest most power solid lifter cam available for the big block Buick. The solid lifter mate to the KB Mark 7XR hydraulic cam. Recommended for ultra-high 7500 + rpm applications. Will rev to 8000. Same performance characteristics as the KB Mark 7XR. For serious all out Stage 1 and Stage 2455's where a higher rpm range is desired

455 by Kenne-Bell

Hi-tech Buick street package with Kenne Bell valve covers, headers, fan, oil pump, wiring, air cleaner, aluminum pullies, etc., etc.
Kevin Connors beautiful World's Fastest GS show car.

Kevin Connors beautiful "World's Fastest GS" show car. Won " Best Street Machine" al 1987 GSCA Nationals. The most pu blicized and photographed Buick ever.
The Fred Catlin - Rick Patterson NHRA CS/X Stage 1 455

The Fred Catlin - Rick Patterson NHRA CS/X Stage 1 455. " World 's Fastest Legal NHRA Stock Car". Awesome Buick pure stocker runs Kenne Bell headers, cam, oil pump, etc. 119/10.96.
Kevin Connors
beautiful blown hi-tech 455

Whether it be street , strip , show or Pro St reet , Buicks are more popular than ever - even with blowers. Kevin Connors beautiful blown hi-tech 455, 100% Kenne Bell equipped.

Contributed by "Dr. Frankenbuick"