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Six Million Buicks produced in December 1950
Wow!!! What a Grill!!!

How about some technical information

Special still has the split windshield

1950 Buick Production Figures

SPECIAL SERIES1950 4dr Specail
Model 41-four-door Touring sedan1,141
Model 41D-four-door Touring Deluxe Sedan141,396
Model 43-four-door Sedan58,700
Model 43-four-door Sedan Delux14,355
Model 46 Business Coupe2,500
Model 46s Sedanet42,935
Model 46d Sedanet Delux76,902
Model 410-stripped chassis1
Model 411D-stripped chassis422
Model 430-stripped chassis1

SUPER SERIES '50 Super 4dr
Model 51-four-door Touring Sedan55,672
Model 52-four-door Riviera114,745
Model 56C-convertible coupe12,259
Model 56R-two-door Riviera56,030
Model 56s-Sedanet10,697
Model 59-Estate Wagon2,480
Model 510-stripped chassis7
Model 511-stripped chassis1,296
Model 513-stripped chassis165
Model 520-stripped chassis1

     152 hp!50 Roadmaster Convertible
Model 71-four door Touring Sedan6,738
Model 72-four door delux Riviera54,212
Model 75R-two door Riviera2,300
Model 76C-convertible coupe2,964
Model 76R-two door delux Riviera8,432
Model 76S-Sedanet2,968
Model 79-Estate Wagon420
Model 710-stripped chassis1
Model 711-stripped chassis300
Model 713-stripped chassis237
Model 720-stripped chassis1
Total Production...............................670,256