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1951 Buick Line-up!

An entirely new, lighter, smaller Special Series broadens Buick's price range HERE THEY COME!

A complete line of Specials-most popular entrant in Buick's 1951 parade!

This year, Buick has really assigned the Special a place of special distinction, offering more models here than in any other series.

1950 Buick Special

For the first time in the postwar era, every body style is available on this lower priced Buick line. Hre are eight truly luxurious automobiles, without luxury price tags.

All superior in performance to any previous Specials, too-thanks to the new F-263 engine which brings its high compression ratios and high horsepowers to the Special line. Introduced last year on the Buick Super Series, the F-263 now steps up power and performance and improves gasoline mileage in all 1951 Specials.

*from Buick Magazine February, 1951

How about some technical information

1951 Buick Production Figures

Model 41-four-door sedan999
Model 41D-four-door Deluxe Sedan87,848
Model 45R-two-door Riviera16,491
Model 46C Convertible Coupe2,099
Model 46S-two-door Sport Coupe2,700
Model 48D-two-door Deluxe Sedan54,311
Model 410-stripped chassis2
Model 411D-stripped chassis1,104

SUPER SERIES51 Super Estate Wagon
Model 51-four-door Deluxe Sedan10,000
Model 52-four-door Riviera92,886
Model 56C-convertible coupe8,116
Model 56R-two-door Riviera54,512
Model 56s-Deluxe Sedanet1,500
Model 59-Estate Wagon2,212
Model 513-stripped chassis201
Model 521-stripped chassis2,808

ROADMASTER SERIES'51 Roadmaster Coupe
Model 72R-four door Riviera48,758
Model 76C-convertible coupe2,911
Model 76R-two door Riviera12,901
Model 76MR-two-door Riviera (Alt)809
Model 79-Estate Wagon679
Model 710-stripped chassis1
Model 713-stripped chassis209
Model 721-stripped chassis600

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1951 Buick XP300
The Buick XP300
Total Production...............................404,657