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52-12 Sequoia Cream
52-02 Imperial Blue Metallic
52-04 Barton Gray
52-05 Victoria Maroon Metallic
52-06 Sky Gray
52-09 Venetian Blue Metallic
52-11 Glen Green
52-43 Beach White
52-10 Surf Blue
52-13 Apache Red
52-02 Verde Geen Metallic
52-06 Seamist Gray Metallic
52-08 Terrace Green Metallic
52-28 Nassau Blue Metallic
52-31 Glacier Green
52-32 Peacock Green Metallic
52-33 Aztec Gold Metallic
52-30 Coronet Copper Metallic
52-29,40 Golden Sand Metallic
52-42 Teal Blue
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† These colors are used on the 1952 Buick "Roadmaster" 70 Series and are available in DUCO. They are recommended for panel repair only. Apply maximum film thickness per coat so that the desired build can be obtained in three to four coats. Subject these colors to as little compounding and polishing as possible in order to prevent scaling or mottling.
Optional wheel color 1952 - Appache Red
Stock Number
1264-H 260-55591-H Verde Green "Metalli-Chrome"
1267 202-55939 Duchess Blue Metallic
1268-H 260-55941-H Granite Gray "Metalli-Chrome"
1269 202-55943 Persian Blue Metallic
1270 202-55944 Petrel Gray Metallic
1271 202-55969 Light Green Metallic
1290 202-57012 Beige Metallic
1291-M 202-57054-M Maroon Metallic (Bleeder)


The Instrument Panels and Front Interior Assemblies of all Series of 1952 Buicks, with exceptions noted, will be as follows:
  1. Upper Instrument Panel Color - 260-55941-H Dark Gray "Metalli-Chrome"
    Lower Instrument Panel Color - 202-55969 Light Green Metallic

    Models 56c, 56r, 72r, 76c, 76r using -

    1. Green leather and cloth combinations (Numbers 55, 65, 71, 75, 85)
        Upper Instrument Panel Color - 260-55591-H Verde Green "Metalli-Chrome"
        Lower Instrument Panel Color - 202-55969 Light Green Metallic
    2. Blue leather and cloth combinations (Numbers 54, 72, 74, 84)
        Upper Instrument Panel Color - 202-55939 Dark Blue Metallic
        Lower Instrument Panel Color - 202-55943 Light Blue Metallic
    3. Red leather and cloth combinations (Numbers 53, 63, 73, 83)   Upper Instrument Panel Color - 202-57054-M Maroon Metallic (Bleeder)
        Lower Instrument Panel Color - 202-57012 Beige Metallic
  2. Steering Column Mast Jacket, Shift Lever Housing, Direction Signal Switch Housing and Antenna Escutcheon Plate painted to match Upper Instrument Panel Color
  3. Brake Release Warning Braket painted to match Lower Instrument Panel Color

NOTE: Most colors in this bulletin are available in both DUCO and DULUX; however, it should be noted that it is not always possible to make close matches in DUCO to DULUX colors and vice versa.

Combination numbers appear on a plate on the right side portion of the firewall under the hood.

contibuted by: Derek Thille