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Ten Million Buicks produced in January, 1960
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How about some technical information

1960 LeSabre ConvertibleBuick gets a shake up with a new management team! Ed Rolert (GM), John Gretzinger(Reliablility and Quality), Lowell Kintigh (Chief Engineer), Roland Withers (General Sales Manager)

NOTE: dual headlights, last year of the syncromesh trans in large Buicks, no more triple turbine trans., ventports are back.

1960 Buick Production Figures

Model 4411-Two-Door Sedan 14,388
Model 4419-Four-Door Sedan 54,033
Model 4435-Estate Wagon (two seats) 5,331
Model 4437-Two-Door Hardtop Coupe 26,521
Model 4439-Four-Door Hartop Coupe 35,999
Model 4445-Estate Wagon (three seats) 2,222
Model 4467-Convertible Coupe 13,588
Model 4430-Stripped Chassis 144

INVICTA SERIES'60 Invicta Wagon
Model 4619-Four-Door Sedan 10,839
Model 4635-Estate Wagon (two seats) 3,471
Model 4637-Two-Door Hardtop Coupe 8,960
Model 4639-Four-Door Hardtop Coupe 15,300
Model 4645-Estate Wagon (three seats) 1,605
Model 4667-Convertible Coupe 5,236

Model 4719-Four-Door Sedan 13,794
Model 4737-Two-Door Hardtop Coupe 7,416
Model 4739-Four-Door Hardtop Sedan 14,488
Model 4730-Stripped Chassis 24

ELECTRA 225 SERIES'60 Electra 225
Model 4829-Four-Door Riviera 8,029
Model 4839-Four-Door Hardtop Sedan 5,841
Model 4867-Convertible Coupe 6,746
Model 4830-Stripped Chassis 24
Total Production...............................253,999