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How about some technical information

1964 Buick Production Figures

Model 4027-Two-Door Coupe 15,030
Model 4035-Estate Wagon (two seats) 6,270
Model 4067-Convertible Coupe 6,308
Model 4069-Four-Door Sedan 17,983
Model 4127-Two-Door Deluxe Coupe 11,962
Model 4135-Deluxe Wagon (two seats) 9,467
Model 4169-Four-Door Deluxe Sedan 31,742
Model 4160-Crated Knocked-Down Chassis 768
Model 4255-Skylark Sport Wagon (two seats) 2,709
Model 4265-Skylark Sport Wagon (three seats) 2,586
Model 4337-Skylark Sport Coupe 42,356
Model 4355-Skylark Custom Sport Wagon (two seats) 3,913
Model 4365-Skylark Custom Sport Wagon (three seats) 4,446
Model 4367-Skylark Two-Door Convertible 10,225
Model 4369-Skylark Four-Door Sedan 19,635
Model 4330-Crated Knocked-Down Chassis 288

Model 4439-Four-Door Hartop 37,052
Model 4447-Two-Door Sport Coupe 24,177
Model 4467-Convertible Coupe 6,685
Model 4469-Four-Door Sedan 56,729
Model 4635-Estate Wagon (two seats) 6,517
Model 4645-Estate Wagon (three seats) 4,003

Model 4639-Four-Door Hardtop 17,519
Model 4647-Two-Door Sportcoupe 12,185
Model 4667-Two-Door Convertible 7,850
Model 4669-Four-Door Sedan 20,144

RIVIERA'64 Riviera
Model 4777-Two-Door Coupe 37,658

ELECTRA 225 SERIES64 Electra 225
Model 4819-Four-Door Sedan 15,968
Model 4829-Four-Door Pillarless Sedan 11,663
Model 4839-Four-Door Hardtop 24,935
Model 4847-Two-Door Sport Coupe 9,045
Model 4867-Two-Door Convertible 7,181
Model 4810-Crated Knocked Down Chassis 120

Total Production...............................511,666