1949 Dynaflow model 71 zerk fitting


I have one missing zerk fitting on one of the control arms. They usually screw in on most cars but looked at these and they do not appear to be that type. There is no hex on the fitting in order to put a wrench on it and screw it out. Are they pressed in or what??? Why should one be missing if they are pressed in etc. I wouldn’t think they would come out easily.
Autonut Lee
Lee, there are grease fittings which are pressed into an untapped hole (aka drive-type grease fittings). Attached is a page from the McMaster-Carr catalog showing these and the tools for installation. This type is not pressure rated nor recommended for use with pneumatic grease gun systems. The original might have popped out of the hole from overpressure?

Also attached is a Buick Master Parts Book list of the fittings used on the 1946-57 models. Several of these have no thread size and are called drive fittings. The zerks were treated as common hardware items. As a result it is hard to tell exactly what kind of fitting Buick used at each position. Too if the fitting is on a wearing part, it may be an aftermarket item supplied on a replacement part.


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