1966 Wildcat - no crank no start

I am the owner of a 1966 Wildcat 4-door sedan since last Friday. Today I finally have my first issue: no crank no start. I searched the forum and could not find a threat addressing this specific issue with the 1966 Wildcat.

Roadmap: https://www.teambuick.com/reference/diagnosis/engine_will_not_crank.php

Here is my list of culprits:

- The battery: a cheap Econo Power battery (with a 1/21 date on the sticker?) with actual output of barely 10V instead of 12V.

- Battery ground cable.

- Wiring (really ugly): Feed wire to the ignition switch via the bulkhead connector (check the inside terminal)

- Neutral safety / back up light switch (corroded wire connections at the neutral safety switch has been an issue with manual transmission)
- Ignition Switch

- Stater relay (there does not seem to be one)



- External starter solenoid

- Starter motor (may need to change anyway as it is really slow -- but could be caused by the low charge of the battery, barely above 9.6V)

I'll start tomorrow with the battery and progress from there to the ignition, neutral safety and the back to the engine compartment.
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68 wildcat

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Check reviews for batteries online if possible. Any advice I would give you would be based on what I can buy here in Canada and wouldn't be much use to you. The Battery has to be rated for your car which all battery retailers could look up if their info goes back far enough.


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There aren't that many battery manufacturers out there. Most name brand batteries are made by someone else. Interstate, Die Hard, Duralast, and Deka are made by Johnson Controls. Look around and get the best price and warranty on a battery. I just bought an Interstate battery at Costco. Battery prices have gone up and warranty terms have gone down in the last 5 years or so. Expect to pay 100-150.00 for a battery.