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'61 Invicta emblems

The Rear Compartment Lid Ornament Emblem is GM part no 1164770. It was used on all '61 Buicks except Skylark and wagons. Also used on '62 Estate wagons. Here is one that came up in a search using the part no:

The Radiator Grille Ornament Insert is part no 1347051. It was used on all full-size '61 Buicks. Quick searching by this part no did not turn up anything.

Sometimes the insert shows up with the Radiator Grille Ornament Base part no 1347050. Like here:

The Front Fender Side Monogram labeled Invicta is part no 1360138. For 2-dr and 4-dr hardtops with the Custom interior, the Monogram is labeled Invicta Custom which is part no 1360139. These were used only on '61 Invictas. Quick searches for these did not turn up any hits.

The plastic Wheel Cover Monogram is part no 1164691. This is for the Deluxe Wheel Cover no 1164628 which was optional on the LeSabre, standard on the Invicta and Electra, and not used on the Electra 225 in 1961. One of the 1164691 turned up in the Market Place section of GM Parts Wiki. It's a very old listing from 13Jan2013 so is probably a long shot.

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