Fuel neck height


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I am working on a 1952 Buick Super. I relocated my fuel tank to the passenger side of the car. The tank came from a Buick Special and the neck was always short and I had trouble filling it in California. When you open the fuel fill door how much lower is the top of the fuel fill neck than the bottom edge of the fuel door opening?
Not quite what you want, but, on a Special, the high part of the neck (body side) is about level with the bottom of the door opening on one here.
The filler sits at an angle, the low side is towards the cap, and the high side is towards the body.
When you open the filler door, there the opening has a bottom.
The high side of the filler neck is level with the door opening.

So, as per your description, the top of the fuel neck (which is the side towards the body), is level with the bottom edge of the fuel door opening.

Hope that is clear, it would be nicer with a picture.