replacement heater control cables


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Does anyone know where I can purchase new or NOS heater control cables for a 1967 Riviera. I purchased the car about a year ago and even though it looks great on the inside and out it was stored for a number of years in what appears to be something less than a dry environment. Both of the heater and air condioning cables are frozen tight. The end connectors have also been sheared off by previous owners. I have not had any luck finding anything on the internet or ebay. My only recourse my be to start searching the internet bone yards for used cables. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
GM used to supply a repair kit for those cables. I have a small amount of parts & pieces left from kits I bought years ago. Don't know if they still have them available. I have made plenty of my own cables & fixed the ends.

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Replacement cables

I've had good luck finding cables at older (not chain stores) auto parts dealers. They may not have direct replacements but as long as the length and ends are correct, they'll work. I did my 64 LeSabre a few years ago and they work great.