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Search : 38 Special pinion mate shaft


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My one is a little bit more than slightly ,worn out..., especially in the end where it sits in the carrier. Have seen this while I'm fix my Wheel Seals and Bearings ..
Measurements are 0,75" Inch in dia. and 5.5" in lengths.
Had looked for adequate shafts from other Car brands on Rockauto and WWW ,but the problem is, they're no dimensions ..
Any help for a source would be nice.
Yes, I know the Guy who have 37/38 buick parts but I try to find a new one with the same diameter that I can easily order with possible less stress for everybody.
Thanks ahead and stay Healthy


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For all guys they know me from the AACA Buickprewar site, since 2 years the US Server never let me inside the AACA.., that's the reason why I don't can posting there.


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As part W Group 5.517? As above expect this will be common over many years
Unsure if image will show for you. Is linked from AACA.Org

1939_buick's picture did not show, but using his number to identify the part, it is interchangeable with (according to the 1960 part book) :
part number 968297
1930 - 30
1931 - '35 40 - 50
1936 - '40 (no indicator, must be all)
1937 - '39 40 - 50
1940 - '42 40 - 50 - 60 - 70
1940 - '55 (no indicator, must be all)
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@suntreemcanic :
No, I can't open any image from the AACA and I will eventually come back to your offer of the '52 part.
I have looked out and find randomly on Rockauto that the shaft from the 9" Ford have the same diameter and same diameter for the hole for the lock screw..,looks all on pictures like the Buick one.
only the length stays unknown yet.
I have ordered one and let you all know if its match .

Thank you all at this moment I will give you a sign.

Jenz 🙂👍🏼


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The sending from Rockauto has just arrived me.., the shaft from the 9" Ford is sadly nearly an half inch too short..
Suntreemcanic, I would appreciate it, if you will take a look for the condition of the shaft from your 52 partscar.., when it's ok, especially on the both Ends of
It, I'm interested in.

Greets Jenz


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Jenz the shaft is interchangeable up to 1952 for sure. My parts cars are 1952. I removed both shafts the one from my Super is in better shape. They are 5 1/2" long by 3/4". My best shaft is warn down about .001" on each end. How much are yours wore down? You also should check how much the bushings in your pinion gears are worn. I noticed on my pin one side shows more wear than the other and on the other end the wear is on the opposite side. So is yours showing the same wear pattern as mine it probably is reflecting the load on the shaft from driving forward down the highway. So if you turned the shaft 180 degrees you might tighten up your clearances. Anyway my shaft is available if you need it.


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Thank you very much...i suspected it because it's of cause the OEM one from '52...
and yes, the dimensions are the same.
My shaft is also slightly worn out at the pinion gears area, but with smooth surface.
I thought too about a 180° twisted mounting of the shaft ,but it doesn't matter.. ,both sides are nearly the same.
I had talk with some friends here about my problem, one of it is professional Lathe guy, he told me yesterday ,he can make me one from chrom moly in his shop. ...
Again, thank you very very much Vern, for opening your axle so soon for me.

That's why I like this old Buick Scene, here and also (sadly, no more for me) in the AACA.

I keep you posting about my Result.

Greetings Jenz