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    battery disconnect solenoid

    Hi, Anyone here using a continuous duty solenoid for a battery disconnect. If so - where can I purchase one that will hold up to the amperage draw of a 6 volt straight 8 ?
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    49 Roadmaster 6V and 12v system combined.

    OK i have a 49 Roadmaster and I need 12v for the electronic ignition, Air conditioning and the air-bags. I have no issues with the 6 volt system and it is in prime condition. Having a few mates that are electrical guys we've sat down and nutted out a wiring diagram that gives me 12v and 6v...
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    6Volt Ignition system

    Hey, Good morning. I am in the process of getting my 53' Special to run. I have been going over allot of the wiring, replaced the battery and have it on a trickle charger for a 6 volt system as I have not gotten to the fuel system yet. My question though is: When I verify spark by disconnecting...