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    Production Order Body - Final Sheet (Broadcast sheet) decoding for a 1965 Riviera

    Would anyone be able to help decode this Production Order Body - Final Sheet (Broadcast sheet) for a 1965 Riviera? Thanks so much for any help!!!
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    Need help decoding a 455

    My dad has a engine that we think is a buick 455 but not sure if its a pontiac or olds. The numbers stamped on it are 1241735 45H420018 There is also a 75 stamped on the block. So, im guessing its a 1975 block? We want to know what stage the motor is and hopefully what the engine came out of...
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    Help Decode MY 1947 Buick Roadmaster

    Can anyone help decode the vin on my 1947 Buick Roadmaster. I have not had much luck searching the web. The Plate Reads 14750742 1947 MOD 76-S Style No 47-4707 Body No G11120 Trim No 92 Paint No 15 K I am wanting to know If anyone can tell me what shade of blue the car was, and what colour...
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    1966 sportwagon cowl tag

    I am decoding our "new" 1966 Sportwagon and cannot find info on some of the codes. The Div. Series number is 44455FL1 which I know is a Buick Sportwagon with 2 seats, but what is the FL1? Also, under the trim code are the letters WCFR 2KX and under those numbers it reads 4F 5Y. Can anyone tell...