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    1970 Skylark Horn

    Took apart my steering column to install a new blinker switch a couple years ago, in the process I broke the plastic cancel cam...well, I finally replaced it and now I can’t remember where the two wires on the horn contacts on the back of the horn button re-attach. Can someone show me a pic or...
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    1947 Engine wiring Questions, Horn, Distrbutor, Carb Starter

    I am wiring my 1947 Buick Special Series 40. The engine is a 248 from a 1950 special, or so I'm told. Now, I'm rewiring it with wires that are not the proper colors as stated in the diagrams in service manual. With that said my first question is regarding the horn button.. As you can see I...
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    53 Buick Solid Spoke Steering, horn components help

    Also posted this under "Shop Talk." Maybe more help here: Anyone had experience with this...
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    1966 LeSabre Horn Relay Help!!!

    I got the car completed got the horn relay but can't find the relay, the manual says it should be on the drivers side engine compartment but it isn't can anyone help me. Please:bana: