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    1976 Buick Regal Landau

    So, the other day, I bought my first Buick. I'm planning to restore it over the course of the winter. Here's what I know about it.The previous owner (PO)'s father bought the car new off the lot in 1976. Since then, it had regular maintenance for its entire life up until it was parked and garaged...
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    Hello all buick lovers!!

    Hi fellow members! Im Cutty and im the new Kid on the block and trust me I just purchased my 1st Buick (77 Buick Regal) so im about to be like A lil brother, im bugging the heck out of you!!! :D
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    92 Buick Regal Custom 4T60 leaking

    I will give you a quick backstory. I have a 92' Buick Regal Custom 3.8 I picked up with 71k original miles because a fuel line had sprung a leak and the dealership told the owner it couldn't be fixed because they don't make fuel lines for this model anymore. So I got a good deal on it and just...
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    Does my 2001 Regal GS need new front wheel bearings?

    The car has 112,000 miles on it. Firestone has told me for over a year that I need new front wheel bearings, but I never heard or felt anything so I didn't do it. Lately, I hear a very faint, repetative Luhl-Luhl-Luhl coming from the front right. Is that the sound of a wheel bearing going out...