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    Paint brands

    With restoration we need to deal with very high prices for chroming our Buicks but what about paint? PPG and Dupont have great paint but it is pricey. Has anyone used or heard anything about TCP Global paint? It looks to be a great quality paint with a 'home restorers' price. I am doing a frame...
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    Possible parts car?

    I currently own a 72 skylark as far as I know its a base model car. Its equipped with 350 2bbl engine and 350 trans and has power brakes. I plan to put a 455 and th400 in the car. I recently found a 72 skylark sitting in an old ladies backyard. I talked to her and she told me It was her...
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    61 lesabre

    Hey guys, i just recently got a 61 lesabre and i've had a hard time finding parts for it. Any good places i should know? Also, does anyone know if an olds or pontiac trany bolts up to a 364? I think i have a dynaflow twin turbine??? 2 speed??? It slips on drive but works great on 1ST? WORTH...
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    65 Skylark bumper resto

    Hey, can anymore recommend a reputable shop to repair my 65 Skylark conv.'s front and rear bumpers. They are original and the chrome is getting thin and its taken 44 years of dings and dents. They are not terrible (the front has that typical tear on the top middle, about a half inch) but need...