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    1946 Super finally running and driving videos

    SOOO I kept getting yelled at to get my Buick running and driving so yesterday was the first time she saw the road in 20+ years. 248 straight 8 lots of little things here and there too get her back to life and introduce her to 2017 :hurray: The drive was only a mile long spiked my adrenaline...
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    New member from Germany - 1949 Buick Super Sedanet 320

    Hi there, since three years now I'm the proud owner of a 49' Super Sedanet. I never thought it would take 3 years to bring it on the road again. But when you fix one thing, you discover another and at one point I just decided to make it a foolproof daily driver without changing too much of the...
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    1950 Buick Super Starting issue

    Hey folks, bear with me. The Short story is the starter solenoid plunger activates, the starter does not. The long story is that "Bruce" ( what we named our Buick), finally needed a carb rebuild & its manifold straightened out. This part went well. Bruce's starter had been "dragging" for a...