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    1964 Skylark exterior side trim, need clips!

    The 2" wide side trim is loose on my "new" Skylark. The clips are a 1 7/8" plastic type, in the area below the rear passenger window. OPGI doesn't seem to have any. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I need 6 of them but I'd be happy to have more for the future. Thanks, Dave
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    1970 Skylark Convertible pinchweld moulding

    Does anyone know how to remove the convertible pinchweld moulding from a 1970 skylark. I am repainting the car but I don't know how to remove the moulding and not sure if it has clips that can be changed or is a part of the actual moulding.
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    Need help finding trim clips for a 1952 Buick rear windshield ,anything that works.

    Precision Restoration in St.Louis lost all of my originals stainless steel Trim Clips for the rear windshield trim. The one's that they used are not hold the trim. My car is a 1952 Buick Super model 52 4 door. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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    1953 Special 2/4 door trim same?

    Looking at some side trim pieces on the rear quarter from a junk yard that are quite a distance from my home. They looked the same. Anyone save me the trip and taking them off for comparison? Is it just on the door of the 4 door and on the rear quarter of the 2 door, or apples & oranges?
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    decoding trim cowl id tags

    When asking for help on decoding if everyone would post the way there car is built we could compare options and list the info in the id section. my car is a 1967 convertible with ps/p drum brakes, with custom body side molding, 2 speed with switchpitch the bottom lin is the option line mine...