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    Convertible top latch

    Hi there, does anyone knows where to get a pair of latches ( striking plates) for the1956 century convertible top,
  2. J

    1957 Nailhead and Dynaflow in a '56 Buick?

    I've got a '56 Special sedan with the original 322/Dynaflow setup. The engine needs rebuilt and the trans. isn't that great either. I recently met a guy at a show who had a '56 Special wagon. He said he'd sell me the engine & tranny (he's planning on installing a Corvette LS motor and...
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    1956 Roadmaster factory A/C... parts? where can I get them?

    I have a 1956 Roadmaster that is a factory A/C car. I have everything except the drier. The heater and A/C were disassembled when I got the car so I don't know if any of it works yet at all. I think if I had all the parts, I could get it working to see if it is functional or not. I just don't...
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    56 Buick frame vin#(where?)

    I need to find the vin# on the frame. The one on the body is missing and I can't get the car exported to Australia. It's sitting in impound right now till I find the stamped #. Please help. Thanks, Robert. There is no frame # to be found. Can I tie the # on the title into the engine? How...