1. oldfoneguy

    WTB B-C Body Factory Disc Brake Set Up 67-70

    Hello all in Buick land, I'm looking for a complete factory disc brake set up for 67 thru 70 full size B and C bodies. Prefer 69 and 70 items. If you have or know of one available please contact me here. I'm not worried about the condition of the master cyl, calipers, hold off valve or rotors...
  2. Electradillac

    1970 455 rebuilt

    I have a 1970, rebuilt 455 for sale. The numbers have been removed, due to decking the block. The casting number shows 1970, or 71. Under the timing cover, in the recess, above the cam gear is stamped "70". I have $6300 in receipts, from 2005. Align bored, torque plate bored, torque plate...
  3. T

    Need Heater Vacuum Diagram

    Hello All, I need a diagram that shows how all the vacuum lines connect to the heater control switches for a 70 Skylark. Thanks
  4. B

    1970 Skylark Custom Convertible is this a good buy???

    Hey guys Phil here,so here's the situation I've come across a 70' Skylark Custom convertible and I wanted to know if the car was worth the guy's asking price of $5500 here's some info on it: Buick 350 2 barrel non-original engine but original trans,says the body is decent,will need a new top...
  5. W

    1970 Buick Electra Limited for Sale - Runs Well

    Up for auction is my 1970 Buick Electra 225 Limited. The car has a brand new top end and camshaft, which you can see in the youtube link. I had plans to restore the car but I have too many other projects and not enough money or time for all of them. Body is straight and there is minimal rust...
  6. H

    Information Exchange for Building Street Supercharged 455

    I would like to exchange information and tips from knowledgeable people related to my current project of building a supercharged 455 for street/cruise (not racing). The 1970 Stage 1 block is now starting to be assembled. About $7800 in parts have been obtained to date, mostly from TA, Summit...