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    55 Buick oil Leak

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction on an oil leak I've been struggling with. I have a 1955 Buick Century that we have been restoring for the last 5 years. Everything has been redone down to the frame. The engine was rebuilt and found to have the wrong...
  2. J

    1956 buick special 322 nailhead to 1976 bop th400

    hello i wanna keep my sweet 322 nail head but would to install a super awesome th400 out of an electra. i have an adapter for bop to chev. what else. cant seem to find anything on this combo. please help thnx james in chattanooga tn
  3. T

    trying to identify engine

    I have a 56 Roadmaster 73 made in Flint with what appears to be a 322 nailhead engine. The engine serial number is I9649237, the first digit is I as in Idaho. Since this number does not start with V146..... I am assuming this is not the original engine. The casting number on the left head is...
  4. H

    322 Engine number variant

    I have a 55 Buick Century that should have the 322 Nailhead in it but the serial number is wierd...The number I found is V972962 and the numbers on the heads are 1166349-14 and 1166349-2...Any idea if this was a replacement engine or the one that came with the car or at least a 55 Buick 322...