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    Wiring a 1957 Nailhead for HEI, Alternator, Mini Starter, Electric Cooling Fans, Edelbrook Carb

    Hello Everybody! A few months back I posted my diagram for the mods on my 57 Buick and the feedback received was very helpful. I have updated the diagram below and added a pair of DERALE 18Amp Electric Fans to the Champion Aluminum Radiator. In order to avoid an overload to the Ammeter circuit...
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    Electrical / Starting Problems

    Need some help I pulled the engine from my car...when I put it back in it wouldn't start, seemed like a dead battery so I jumped it and it started fine. A few days later it died on me and wouldn't start, it just clicked like the battery was dead but started just fine when I jumped it again...
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    1965 Buick Gran Sport 4-Speed Question

    Hi folks, this is my first time posting about new restoration on my father's Gran Sport I just received this week. Today, I installed a new fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs, oil filter, and changed oil. For about 12hrs it ran perfect, even drove up & down the street twice (after not running...