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  1. 1958 buick special

    1958 buick special

    I'm in process of rebuilding a buick special 1958. I'd love to get some feedbacks and information from the owners.
  2. J

    1957 buick specialwater/coolant sensor and cable

    Hi, I have a 1957 buick special and I'm missing the water/coolant sensor and the cable that connect to the gauge. I have the gauge. The sensor screws into the driver side valve head. Any help with any replacement sensors/cables would be appreciate. Jose
  3. 6

    1966 Buick Special

    I bite off a little more than i thought by buying this car. I have had it in storage outside for a year now. Before i bought it, I think it sat outside for about 3 years under a tree. The rust isn't too bad but i need to start working on before it's unworthy of my time and money. It has a 300...
  4. elagache

    401 Nailhead engine transplant for a 1965 Buick Special - opinions?

    401 (or other Buick) engine transplant for 65 Buick Special - opinions? Dear Buick Enthusiasts, :shield: I have a 1965 Buick Special Deluxe wagon with a 300 cu V8 engine that is getting weary. I joined Team Buick in order to get some advice on rebuilding the engine and truly discovered how...
  5. elagache

    Having a 300 V8 rebuilt - advice, opinions?

    Dear Buick enthusiasts, :shield: I working to restore a 1965 Buick Special Deluxe wagon that has been in the family since 1968. Among other troubles, the shop who have been doing the mechanical repairs (beyond my limited skills) have found that valves are wearing out on the 300 cu V8. This...