1. Headers for my 73 leSabre

    Headers for my 73 leSabre

    Does anyone have set of headers for sale?
  2. F

    Exhaust manifold 64-66

    Hello, When my manifold on the driver's side is broken I need to get another one. So my question is: Is there any difference in 1964.1965 and 1966? My Buick is an Electra 225 1965, but the engine is a 425 in 1964. Is it the same manifold for double and single exhaust system? BRG Per Fruck
  3. J

    340 headers

    I'd like to get the headers sanderson makes for the 340. Though they are shorty's, does anyone know how much of a power increase I'd get over my stock manifolds? Are they worth it? Thanks
  4. C

    Exhaust under intake manifold

    I've got a 1960 Buick 401 with a confusing problem that maybe one of you have seen. The engine was running perfect and then one day the engine noise was different. The engine noise appeared to be exhaust and was traced to an area under the intake manifold. I assumed it to be a blown head gasket...