1. scenexsick

    1966 Electra spitting gas out the carb.... HEI Vacuum Advance tuning?

    I recently performed an HEI points conversion on my 1966 Electra, only with the help of you kind folks here, and at v8 buick! I got to the point where all is hooked up properly, but left to go south for vacation, so didnt have the chance to fully finish. I cranked it once and fired, yet ran very...
  2. scenexsick

    Need help identifying a certain mysterious wire......

    Earlier, i had some HEI conversion issues about the exact thing I am going to describe. It turned out that the ignition coil was damaged within the HEI. Now, everything is ran to spec that i know of and still have no idea what the following wire is for....... I asked prior when sorting out the...
  3. P

    Wiring a 1957 Nailhead for HEI, Alternator, Mini Starter, Electric Cooling Fans, Edelbrook Carb

    Hello Everybody! A few months back I posted my diagram for the mods on my 57 Buick and the feedback received was very helpful. I have updated the diagram below and added a pair of DERALE 18Amp Electric Fans to the Champion Aluminum Radiator. In order to avoid an overload to the Ammeter circuit...
  4. scenexsick

    Hei conversion on 1966 buick Electra HELP!

    I installed an HEI distributor the other day and had the motor at 10-12 degrees before TDC. As i went to drop the distributor in, the rotor would only come to rest either 1 notch before or after the #1 wire/plug. Is this correct due to the degree set? Any help would be great!
  5. G

    Hoodtach not working on my HEI ignition

    I connected it to the Tach connector on my Hei ignotion. THE illumination works but THE meedle doesn't move. Can anybody help me?