motor swap

  1. E

    nailhead swap help please

    I have 2 60s era buicks a 65 electra with a 425 nailhead with the super turbine 400 transmission my other car is a 68 skylark with a 350 and a th350... I want to put the nailhead and super turbine in my skylark because it is in much betterrer shape so I am curious what all I will need to...
  2. buickapollo455

    BIG block Buick 430 in CAMARO

    Hello, any one ever put a 430 into a Camaro 82-92? Posten buick use to have motor mounts for bbb motors. I have a set of centurian 72 cross member mounts and bbb motor mounts 430 455. I am interested in clearances, drive steering bar, exhaust, manifold clearance, valve cover clearances...
  3. U

    1957 engine swap

    Hey guys looking for some help. I have a 1957 special and a 401 that I am trying to put in it. I was wondering what year of exhaust manifold I need to clear the steering box. The car does not have power steering, any help would be appreciated.