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    Paint Info for 1972 Buicks

    I found this chart on I thought it might be useful.
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    Engine paint

    Hi all, Anyone knows the colour code for the engine paint? Engine is a 1950's straight 8 263 I have my engine pulled apart now and it needs a new coat of paint , I can't find the original color code. thanks in advance Marco
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    Paint brands

    With restoration we need to deal with very high prices for chroming our Buicks but what about paint? PPG and Dupont have great paint but it is pricey. Has anyone used or heard anything about TCP Global paint? It looks to be a great quality paint with a 'home restorers' price. I am doing a frame...
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    Help Decode MY 1947 Buick Roadmaster

    Can anyone help decode the vin on my 1947 Buick Roadmaster. I have not had much luck searching the web. The Plate Reads 14750742 1947 MOD 76-S Style No 47-4707 Body No G11120 Trim No 92 Paint No 15 K I am wanting to know If anyone can tell me what shade of blue the car was, and what colour...
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    58 estate wagon interior paint scheme

    I am at the stage where the Estate Wagon is in paint. We know the exterior is the Coral Reef (pink) and it looks great. What is stubbing us is the interior trim colours. We know the dash is black, the steering column is black, the seats are black and white ... but what would the metal...
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    Two Tone Riviera

    I´ve just traded a Cadillac for a Buick Riviera 1964, so Im new here. There are some work to it, but most of the body work is done and the next step is to paint it. The car was in a colour called Bronze Mist originally. I want to keep it as original as possible, but I dont really like that...
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    1968 Yellow COPO Paint Code

    In 1968 Buick had a yellow paint for the Skylark, or maybe just the GS 400, that was a brighter than the standard yellow. Does anyone know the code or paint formula for that paint? Thanks in advance for any and all assistance. Jim V.