1. D

    Fuel Line 1957 Buick Wagon

    Hello! I am surprised by Buick using all rubber fuel line hose in 1957. Is there a certain type that should be used - or would I be fine running the same line I’d use from the fuel pump to carb? I think it’s regular Gates 5/16 - non fuel injection - hose. Thanks! Want to make sure I get the...
  2. R

    Buick 1959 Wagon - Help decoding

    I've bought a Buick 1959 wagon, but I need to decoding: VIN 4F1010428 ENGINE 3FI85558 STYLE 4435 BODY 4797 4 TRIM 455-R1 PAINT R - R ACC D 1 B 1 G I 6 K 8 N 8 P 2 P 3Z Thanks a lot!
  3. F

    1958 rear window schematic

    Does anyone have pictures or a schematic or a hand drawing of how the rear windows go back together in a 58 Buick hardtop? Mine is an estate wagon ... and of course I had to take the whole thing apart in the car years ago to get it out ...and not nearly enough photos were taken. Thoughts...
  4. Y

    61 or 62 station wagon. rare?

    hey all. love this site. i think i have located a 61 or 62 buick wagon in a neighbors back yard. i think i read once how rare these things are. and if they are then im gonna approach him to sell the buick to me for my first restore. any help would be great here. pick this up or wait for...
  5. elagache

    Having a 300 V8 rebuilt - advice, opinions?

    Dear Buick enthusiasts, :shield: I working to restore a 1965 Buick Special Deluxe wagon that has been in the family since 1968. Among other troubles, the shop who have been doing the mechanical repairs (beyond my limited skills) have found that valves are wearing out on the 300 cu V8. This...
  6. N

    ISO 401 rebuild kit....

    :waving:im looking for someone that may want to exchange some chrome/polishing work for a rebuild kit for a 401ci.