Fuel Line 1957 Buick Wagon


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Hello! I am surprised by Buick using all rubber fuel line hose in 1957. Is there a certain type that should be used - or would I be fine running the same line I’d use from the fuel pump to carb? I think it’s regular Gates 5/16 - non fuel injection - hose. Thanks! Want to make sure I get the right hose before I go out and buy 20’ of it!
Also wanted to ask, what would you recommend as far as the in tank fuel filter? Should I remove and run a filter up top or leave in and run a filter up top anyways. I plan to take my take to have it cleaned out. They’ll be using an acid to clean out and fix any rust hole. I asked if they lined the inside and they don’t, but they paint the outside of tank only.

(1957 Buick Riviera Wagon)
The fuel line is 5/16" id. See attached message string on the topic from April where Gates green stripe hose is recommended:

The in-tank filter was only supplied on early 1957 cars. Late '57s did not have the tank filter but instead used the more familiar glass bowl type just ahead of the carb. The fuel line exits the bottom of the tank. So the tank has to be drained to get at the filter. This must have been a headache for owners at the time. The shop manual indicates the filter should be changed every 5000 mi.

If you install a filter just ahead of the carb as on late '57s and eliminate the tank filter, maintenance will be much easier.
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