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    Fuel Line 1957 Buick Wagon

    Hello! I am surprised by Buick using all rubber fuel line hose in 1957. Is there a certain type that should be used - or would I be fine running the same line I’d use from the fuel pump to carb? I think it’s regular Gates 5/16 - non fuel injection - hose. Thanks! Want to make sure I get the...
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    1957 buick specialwater/coolant sensor and cable

    Hi, I have a 1957 buick special and I'm missing the water/coolant sensor and the cable that connect to the gauge. I have the gauge. The sensor screws into the driver side valve head. Any help with any replacement sensors/cables would be appreciate. Jose
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    1957 Roadmaster Dyna-flow torque converter

    I have the engine running perfectly, re-built carburetor, electronic ignition, new plugs and wires, new rotor, new distributor cap, new vacuum advance (should have just bought a new distributor) had everything checked out by a master mechanic. in "park" engine revs up perfectly, advance operates...
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    1957 engine swap

    Hey guys looking for some help. I have a 1957 special and a 401 that I am trying to put in it. I was wondering what year of exhaust manifold I need to clear the steering box. The car does not have power steering, any help would be appreciated.