1950 Buick special riviera


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Just bought this 1950 special Riviera but not sure on where or what the VIN number is. I have read that the number on that small tag (34550575) could possibly be used as the VIN if it is the engine number. Also not sure what that number is if it isn't the engine number. Any and all help is appreciated, thank you!

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Welcome , KM.

Different states used different numbers for the serial number in bygone days. Many, if not most, used the engine number. This caused problems if the engine was changed.

The small tag you show looks like the serial number that should match the frame number. Where is this tag located?

The large square tag is the Fisher Body tag. The Trim number and Paint number were added by Buick.

The engine number is on a machined surface just in front of the distributor.

Do you have a title?

By the way, the body tag shows you have a Super, not a Special.